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      CSX Direct Stock Purchase Plan

      CSX Corporation offers a Direct Stock Purchase Plan for investors to purchase or sell CSX Corporation Common Stock.

      This plan is sponsored and administered by Broadridge, the Company's transfer agent, and is available to both current shareholders of record as well as to individual investors who wish to make an initial purchase of CSX Corporation Common Stock.

      The CSX Direct Stock Purchase Plan is a convenient and flexible way for you to invest in the common stock of CSX Corporation.

      For more information about the CSX Direct Stock Purchase Plan and to view the Plan brochure and plan summary, click here.

      Direct Stock Purchase Plan Inquiries

      Broadridge DSP
      C/O Broadridge Shareholder Services
      P. O. Box 1342
      Brentwood, NY 11717

      Overnight Mail:
      Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions
      ATTN: IWS
      1155 Long Island Avenue
      Edgewood, NY 11717


      CSX Corporation shareholders may access their account on-line:

      • Check account balances
      • Enroll in dividend reinvestment
      • Change their dividend reinvestment
      • Conduct purchase or sale transactions
      • Submit address changes
      • Access information and forms
      • Report lost or missing dividend checks


      Website: https://shareholder.broadridge.com/csx

      Toll Free: 1-800-521-5571
      (Inside the United States and Canada)

      (Outside the United States and Canada)